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Freezing Time {Waterford, WI Family Photographer}

As the mom of three kids who are now 21, 19 and 15, I know all too well how quickly little kids turn into big kids. People tell you to cherish every moment and it’s true. I’ve moved from slumber parties and Legos and playing in the snow to two daughters in college out of state and a son who is learning to drive! It honestly flew by and it’s almost impossible to believe sometimes. 

What I cherish from those years of kids snuggling on my lap while I read them a story and baking cookies together and pushing them on the swings at the park are the memories…and the photos! So many photos that have helped to freeze those moments in time. We look back now and smile and laugh at the missing teeth and the matching outfits and the silly expressions. I’m thankful for every photo and every memory. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had family photos, if it’s been a while or if you just had them last year. Those kids are changing and growing at breakneck speed! And while you can snap away on your phone or camera at home, parents deserve to be IN the photos, too. Your kids want to see the love in your eyes and the way you held them upside down or picked flowers with them. You will cherish them. They will cherish them. 

If you’re ready to freeze some moments in time with your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a family photo session. All sessions include a personalized photo box, a 4×6 of every edited photo from your session and a flash drive with the final edited images. 


Vision = Reality: Shooting a Themed Session {Lake Geneva, WI Portrait Photographer}

A few weeks ago, my wonderful niece contacted me about doing a themed session.  She recently started her own business and she needed photos for her website.  She had a very specific vision:  vintage, retro, a little kitschy.  She wanted the photos to reflect her style and personality.  I was definitely up for the challenge, 1) because I adore my niece and, 2) because it sounded like so much fun!  We thought Lake Geneva would be a fun option and I suggested we try some shots inside the library there (a true example of retro and kitsch if there ever was one — love that place!)  It turned out Shelby actually knows someone who works there so we were IN!

With my sister along as our assistant and added comic relief, we pulled off a great session and had so many awesome images to choose from!  Then the editing work began, to give the images the vintage look she wanted where appropriate and make Shelby’s vision a reality.  This is a portion of the email I received from her today: 

O…M…G!!! These are so awesome!!! Absolutely perfect, exactly what I pictured for the website (no pun intended…)  

Now don’t let her fool you.  The pun was most DEFINITELY intended because punning is kind of our thing.  🙂  And, niece or not, I’m delighted to have another happy client!  There’s nothing I love more than successfully capturing what my client is looking for, whether they have a theme for their session or just want to freeze some precious moments in time.

I’ll add the link when her website is ready and these are integrated into it, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek from our session and a link to her business Facebook page (in case you just can’t wait to hire an awesome writer/editor!)  https://www.facebook.com/ShelbyDeeringLLC

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Friends Forever

One of my favorite sessions last summer was one I did for my daughter and some of her closest friends, all seniors who will now be graduating in just over a week!  We wanted to capture those close friendships as they were about to begin their senior year of high school.  It was so much fun!  As the mom of two daughters and a Girl Scout leader for over 10 years, I love anything that shows girls supporting each other and being there for each other through all the ups and downs of life.  My daughter has been friends with some of these girls since elementary school while some she became friends with in high school.  As they all prepare to head in different directions to pursue different dreams, I hope they will stay connected and know that there’s always someone they can call (or text) when they’re having a bad day, someone who has known them for years and will have the right thing to say in reply.  They will all meet new friends in their next adventures, of course, but there’s just something about childhood friends that is irreplaceable and unique.

I would love to do more sessions like this.  If you have a group of friends who would like to capture this special time in your lives, please contact me to discuss session fees and details!

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Adorable Allie {Waterford, WI High School Senior Photographer}

Just as I suspected it would be, Allie’s session was a lot of fun!  I’ve known Allie since elementary school and she is such a kind-hearted and fun young lady!  We actually recently hired Allie to do respite care with my sister who lives with us and has special needs.   Allie hopes to be a special education teacher someday and I think she has a wonderful personality for it!

Thank you for choosing me to do your senior photos, Allie!  It was a pleasure!  Here are just some of my favorites from your session.

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Four Generations {Waterford, WI Family Photographer}

This was such a sweet session idea.  One of my regular clients, Rebecca, wanted to surprise her husband with a four generation session for his birthday with their daughter, Emily, and Eric’s dad and grandfather (Emil, whom Emily is named after).  The guys looked so great and Emily was adorable, of course.  I think these are photos they will cherish for many, many years to come.

I know so many people recognize the importance of capturing their children in photos as they grow and change, but how wonderful it is to make sure to capture ALL the generations in your family!   As someone who no longer has my parents or grandparents anymore, I know I cherish every single photo I have of my parents and my children together and I only wish I had more.

A heartfelt thank you to Rebecca for thinking of this idea and to the guys for their willingness to participate!  It was a hot day, Emily was teething and we were hounded by mosquitoes, but we managed to get some beautiful photos and I know they will never regret taking the time to do this.

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